Talking Tom Gold Run Online

Talking Tom Gold Run Online is an online game that you can play on for free. Talking Tom stole something from someone else. Now he has to escape. Enjoy hours of fun with your loved cat, run as fast as you can, collect gold coins as many as you can. Be care of the obstacles along the road.

You also love talking Tom and his friends? Then you will surely enjoy the new runner with these charismatic characters. Appearance and gameplay it will remind you notorious Subway Surfers, so you do not have to get used to the new game mechanics and you can immediately focus on collecting coins.

Tom Cat will run through the city streets, gradually accelerating, and on the way he will have to pick up scattered gold and bend around obstacles, that with each level will become more and more. To help you in passing, developers dotted map various accelerators, magnets, hats and other useful things. Manage the movements of a cat, you can use swipe when it comes to the game on Android, it will run the same in automatic mode.

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But that is not all! On the money collected Tom can build a new home from the foundation to the wall decorations. In a special shop you earned gold bullion can be spent on various improvements that will change beyond recognition modest house Tom. When it will be improved, you can start playing for Angela and the other characters, who also want to live in a beautiful house. Well, in the game an infinite number of levels, and you can play as long as necessary to make all the necessary things! In addition, you can put all new records and compete with your friends! And even in this game, talking Tom hardly speaks, but it runs perfectly, and that’s it, and you need to earn more money!

Have a good time in Talking Tom Gold Run Online! 

Instruction to play: