Multi Brick Breaker

Multi Brick Breaker is an arcade game play it on Friv2019 Online. Can you defeat your rival? Yes, you are two opponents at once. AI will attempt to beat you. In this traditional breakout game, you must chase the ball and deflect it with your paddle. Multi Brick Breaker is an entirely original game! Pamboo want to consume bamboo. You must destroy all of the bamboo with your ball before your opponent. Destroy each brick until you've accomplished the objective of each stage. Utilize bonuses to complete all levels!

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Key Features:

- Breakout is a classic game that has been updated for mobile devices.

- Challenging levels !

- There are many power-ups that help you win each level.

- Easy to play but hard to master: try to get three stars on every level.

- Multi ball, smoke, freeze, big ball, dragon ball

Instruction to play:

Click right under pad and Left Right controls with mouse.