Moto Techmique

Moto Techmique

Date added: 17/08/2022

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Have fun with this exclusive new motorbike game Moto Techmique an entertaining game in Friv2019 Free Online. Keep your focus, maintain constant control of your motorbike on the track, and do not allow it to wander from it. You must continually comprehend the performance of your motorbike, allow your feelings and the motorcycle mesh, and let yourself and the motorcycle integrate in order to reach the world of automobile and human integration. Each competition is different, and you have to keep getting better at controlling the game to solve more puzzles.

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Game controls:

1. The left and right keys on the keypad control the bike's direction, while the up key moves the bike forward.

2. Click the package on the right that says "Acceleration" to speed up the motorcycle quickly.

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