City Rider 3d

City Rider 3d is an online game that you can play on friv for free. City Rider 3d is a car driving game. You can choose different cars freely. The 3D city is big and wide enough for you to drive, just show you stunts as you like. There is a really large map of a city in which you can find a terrain. Anyway the most important is that you can change set up of each car! You can create a sports car from a truck and conversely. 

Hop into your chosen vehicle and start driving - the city is yours to explore and you will not experience any traffic or obstacles. Drive as you see fit, practice some cool manoeuvres and drifts and accelerate as hard as you can - there are no speed cameras here! If you want a more personalised driving experience, you can always customize the handling of your vehicle! Buckle up your seatbelt today and start racing!

Share with your friends if you join the rounds more difficult and cannot determine where the final answer is correct. Save the game to your list like Monster Truck Trials and Oil Tanker Truck Drive. Start participating in our game today. 

Enjoy with


  • Complete car setup that you can adjust
  • Many cars from the regular city car to awesome offroad car
  • Big city with an offroad track
  • Realistic graphics and controls

Instruction to play: