Boxing fighter : Super punch

Have fun with this entertaining new fighting game Boxing Fighter : Super Punch is a arcade game on Friv 2019 Online and many other boxing games. Attempt to hit all boxers attacking you from all sides. Defy them!!! Boxing Fighter : Super Punch is the greatest action boxing game ever created. Fight a slew of boxers and their boss. Prepare to rumble! Can you take them out?

We suggest gaming tips and movement skills so that players can complete this exciting journey with the most basic skills. In addition, you can also expand the game world with other special games on the same list with this new game like 3D Falling Down. Each game will be a repeating world. and you're opening the content one after another.

Have a great game in!

Instruction to play:

All boxing techniques are permitted: jab, cross, uppercut, and direct punch. Unlock powerful skills to boost your strength and defeat them all. Unauthorized hits such as headbutts, kicks, and sneak strikes can also be unlocked.