Barry On The Space

Have a great fun with this action games in Friv4school 2019 Free Online! In this game, the player assumes the character of Barry, a little creature that explores space by leaping to new planets and finding the secrets of the cosmos. In order to advance through each level and explore the many planets, Barry must leap from platform to platform. The Barry may find difficulties along the road that must be conquered in order to proceed. The game may have enhancements that improve Barry's powers, such as the ability to leap higher or build a platform. In order to facilitate space exploration, the player may need to gather energy and tokens. Share with your friends if they are also looking for new games to relax. We take the time to update numerous games for you such as Crowd Enhance. Don't miss the chance to win today.

Instruction to play:

Use the A and D keys (or the left and right arrows) to move your character in the game. Press the Q key to perform a double jump. Use the W key to create a platform under your character. Press the E key to increase your mass and fall down.